the Mosser

Through The Mosser, we wish to introduce moss into your life in a subtle way, one moss at a time. Measuring at 102mm * 102mm, The Mosser is highly portable and seamlessly fit right onto your work & study desk. Despite its size, our design philosophy and the quality of moss remain top notch.

the Mosser

the Mosser

The Mosser by TerraLiving is the way we envision how ZERO maintenance moss can serve as your desktop companion. We all know how it feels like to feel bored at workplace or even.....while studying. The Mosser, is definitely a better choice than your smartphone.

the Mosser

At times, we would just like a few seconds off to touch, smell and fiddle with the moss. That few seconds, is enough to make us feel so good for the rest of the day. The Mosser was made possible by our ZERO Moss and unique craftsmanship of solid wood and premium varnish coating, 100% Made in Malaysia, Melaka.

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