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First Voxarium NFT drop by TerraLiving, The Vertex - Paradise Falls, Winter Memories

Love it or hate it, the Voxarium is a series of collectible digital art that we've been working on for the past two years, and it has been a part of "Art of TerraLiving" since 2015, before the mainstream emergence of NFTs.

The Voxarium is a unique, 3D-animated, satisfying, and highly detailed miniature dioramas created with our vision and design language in mind; finally rendered in true 4K resolution for maximum display clarity.

Yes, it is available for you to view right here without any fees, or you can view it in crispy resolution on its Opensea collection page too.

The NFT? Well, it is available for those who love to support our work and wish to walk alongside us to see more progressive developments in our art.

Of course, the NFT also comes with exclusive, unlockable digital content that will be made available to the winner at the end of the 3-day the auction, notably its 4k video render for Digital gallery display format of the Vertex - Paradise Falls: Winter Memories voxarium placed on a pedestal and safely enclosed within a tempered glass vitrine.

Also included are the high-resolution digital asset PNGs.

The extra layer of protection allows this digital artwork to be publicly displayed within the Metaverse with confidence that it won't be knocked into or tempered by visiting avatars. This display unit also comes with a commemorative plaque etched with the details of the artwork.

So, dear fans, feel free to hop on over to the Opensea platform now, and make Voxarium a part of your digital identity.

The Vertex - Paradise Falls, Winter Memories

This digital miniature world showcases a spatial-temporal snapshot of the iconic Paradise Falls waterfall, which pours out of crevices within the floating mountains, wherein also lies TerraLiving's metaphysical digital art gallery.

This special edition collectible was captured during the cold winter months when thick white snow would cascade down from the ashen skies

above like shaken speckles of salt and pepper; eventually accumulating and blanketing the alpine forests below like frosting on a

Christmas log cake.

And as the mercury dips, so too does the ice on the lake grow thicker, gradually forming a solid foundation, where frost-adapted

terrestrial vertebrates with thick furry hides are often cross-searching for a meal within this vast tundra.

However, the waterfall doesn't freeze over during this period as there is enough flowing water volume to keep it fluid. Thus, it acts as a source of drinking water and a death trap to any unlucky enough to fall under the ice shelf.

But like all things transient and cyclical in life, eventually the frost melts away in anticipation of the approaching spring and warm sunny

days only to repeat the following year.

Voxarium Introduction

"Voxarium" is a collaborative digital art project by the visionary minds behind TerraLiving and Moyashi Studios since the founding days in 2015.

An acronym for "Voxel Art Terrarium", this gallery of animated miniature dioramas is an alchemical synthesis of TerraLiving's biophilic design aesthetic merged with the artistry and storytelling from Moyashi Studios.

The Vertex - Paradise Falls: Winter Memories, Materials Grid Layout

A behind-the-scenes look at some of the textures and materials that were used in the making of TerraLiving's first Voxarium NFT.

Also shown here are TerraLiving's digital gallery 3D archviz model and the pine tree & shrub particles strewn across the landscape.

Features 01 - Glass and water

As a prelude to the Terraverse, today, we'll take a closer look at some of the transparent materials you may find on your Voxarium.

For its 3D asset, they are the geometric glass vessel called "the Vertex" and the water features. The geometric glass sculpture was modeled in Blender based on known dimensions, and then a wireframe modifier was applied to give it that distinctive black composite silicone outline.

The lake was created by applying a radial wave to the top vertices of a subdivided cuboid. Its frequency and amplitude had to be carefully adjusted to match the speed of the waterfall.

The motion of the central waterfall, which we named Paradise Falls, was achieved using a combination of FLIP fluids simulation and keyframed wave and voronoi textures. At the same time, a displacement modifier drives the other minor waterfalls.

Though the developers of Blender are still improving ray tracing realistic caustics at the moment, the fact remains having some reflective and refractive materials in the asset really helps to make it more exciting and dynamic to the eyes as the rays of light are bounced around.

Features 02 - Gravity mountains

Each Voxarium asset comes with its own set of properties & features and as such, let's look into the landscape and terrain design of Paradise Falls.

Most notable of these are the scientific basis for the gravity mountains. The closest phenomenon that will enable the floating of landmasses is magnetic levitation caused by a superconductor in a magnetic field or the Meissner Effect.

And thus, the bedrock is naturally rich with magnetite and iron ore, giving it a deep rich reddish-orange hue.

Meanwhile, the regolith above it is mainly composed of loose soil, sand, and hard metamorphic rock that is more resistant to erosion and thus allows the mountains to maintain their pinnacle structure.

Rainwater that gets absorbed and collected within these mountains then get pulled by gravity, seep out of crevices, and naturally cascade down, forming a series of waterfalls.

Features 03 - Man and nature

Today we'll move up from the layers of earth and rock to look into the habitable zones surrounding Paradise Falls.

This digital asset is located somewhere within the temperate zones of the Terraverse.

As such, it goes through four seasons; spring, summer, autumn, and winter, with its lush forests primarily covered in a variety of mosses and

evergreen, coniferous pine trees.

This made it the ideal location to set up TerraLiving's metaphysical digital art gallery, as the beauty of the surrounding environment made it such a wondrous and fitting backdrop to complement our biophilic lifestyle.

Features 04 - 50 shades of white

A considerable part of the surface area in the Paradise Falls - Winter Memories digital asset is covered in snow and ice in line with the winter theme. So, it becomes necessary to add some visual contrast between these frosty elements to tell one from the other.

One way of doing this is by adjusting how light interacts with the surface and subsurface of translucent objects like snow and ice. Snow that has fallen and become more compacted gets less subsurface scattering of light than the falling snow particles.

Similarly, volumetric objects like clouds also interact with light differently (rays get dispersed and diffused) compared to solid objects.

Another way of creating visual contrast is through animation and movement. For example, it becomes much easier to distinguish the actively falling snow and the lake ice, which constantly forms and dissolves from the rest of the stationary snow.

Other properties can be adjusted within the material, like specularity, roughness, transmissibility, and various texture maps that can be used to make a monochromatic scene vibrant and alive.

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