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High-End Luxury Preserved Moss Terrarium, Botanical Art by TerraLiving

The Wardian Pod - 2023 with a minimalist TerraLight 2.0 configuration, luxury terrarium by TerraLiving

Design story:

Part of the futuristic botanical collection, "The Wardian Pod" is inked with two large panels that give an undisturbed, symmetrical view from one end to the other.

The fluffy, soft ZERO Moss that took form on the ground, alongside many branch-like driftwoods, has created a fine art of science fiction.

This could be how plants will be stored and transported 1000 years later; who knows.

But at this moment, "The Wardian Pod" provides a glimpse of the far future, of how plants could look like.

If you wish to zero in on the intricate details, simply open one of the two doors at each end, grab a magnifying glass, and gape at the ZERO Moss and driftwoods' elaborate arrangement.

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