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Minimalist Geometrical Glass Sculpture render by TerraLiving

Glass can take on many shapes and forms, and it’s the combination of form and function that makes it such a fantastic material.

Segmented and geometrical shapes (i.e. Polyhedrons, Platonic solids, etc.) in glass sculpture are rather unique in art and design; more towards rigid and hard-edged, where everything else tends to be softer or softer more chaotic in form. This dichotomy makes segmented and geometrical glass shapes interesting to study in their own right.

Glass segmentation is cutting off a section of a large glass piece to make smaller objects from it. This kind of glass art can create very different visual effects depending on how we divide and where we place segments.

As such, we need to simulate and render every new glass design to study how it interacts with our moss, viewing angles, and user interaction, such as choosing the proper facet to be the glass door.

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