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Officially released, The Embryo - M, 3D Printed Organic Sculpture Terrarium by TerraLiving

The larger sibling of TerraLiving's signature "Embryo" series. A multi-layered organic art sculpture made possible with technology.

In an era where pixels and bits are part of our daily life, "the Embryo - M" is our artist's interpretation and re-imagination of how biological form & structures can be simulated in the computer.

Inspired by Biomorphism, it is possible to integrate ZERO moss with the data obtained from the structural arrangements of plant cells and proteins.

While it may be unfamiliar to many people, biomorphism expresses nature in synthetic forms, particularly sculpture.

There are two primary forms of biomorphic art, analog and digital.

With digital biomorphic art, computer modeling programs are used to generate organic shapes or create abstract designs that imitate natural forms.

Now, the analog form of biomorphism is a perfect blend of art and technology in TerraLiving. We push the boundaries of what's possible in biomorphic art from digital to analog state with 3D printing technology, accompanied by the ZERO Moss preserved in our lab, resulting in an eye-catching bio-sculpture.

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