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Regarding Taxes when you're purchasing from TerraLiving

Dear fans, thank you for being so supportive of our work over the years. We won't be where we are today without you.

Today, let us talk about tax, although this post can make us less visible algorithmically.

Unlike US buyers, who paid taxes upfront upon purchase, and there's no additional duty for purchases below $800, most purchases in the EU require tax payment upon arrival.

Unfortunately, some from the EU region gave us negative feedback and scrutinized and questioned the worthiness of our work due to their dissatisfaction with paying import duty / tariff / luxury taxes. This is highly damaging for small businesses like us.

Please talk to us if you have doubts about taxes. Over the years, some of you refused to pay taxes, and we had to cover the loss entirely after parcel rejection by customs. DHL Express collects taxes on your customs' behalf, and we earn absolutely NOTHING from your country's tax.

It is clearly stated in everything listing regarding the expected tax range (they may be dynamic, and we can't provide a 100% accurate estimation). If you're from the EU region, we will even remind you about the tax in the post-purchase T&Cs, waiting for you to read about it and reply to us before we attempt to ship your parcel out.

Remember, you're purchasing a luxurious 100% handcrafted work of art from us in Malaysia, and if your government requires you to pay taxes for luxury goods, don't complain.

Regarding the quality of our work, our moss specimens are expertly preserved for long-term display, retaining their guaranteed fluffiness & flexibility when you receive them. Even if they become slightly flattened during transport, give them a few more days, and you can pop them back up again using a plastic or glass stick. Every work of art is inspected thoroughly through three stages to ensure no visible defect.

Thank you for reading, and if you have problems, feel free to keep in touch with us and consult us before slamming us with a 1-star rating.

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