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The Bone Heart - Organic Form Sculpture, A preserved moss terrarium by TerraLiving

💖 Project name: "The Bone Heart", An organic-form moss sculpture by TerraLiving

🔖 Main category: Seasonal limited-edition, Organic structure, 3D printed bio-material.

🌳 Moss category: ZERO Moss, herbarium, museum & display grade preserved moss.

📖 Design concept & philosophy: -

“Your beauty radiates from within, and there’s nothing more beautiful than you.”

What makes a human stunningly beautiful is not how they look but how they made you feel.






Feelings that they make you feel like you’re at the top of the world.

There’s nothing like it.

When you're in their proximity, you can already feel their beauty beaming from inside out.

Unfortunately, they might not see their inner beauty yet.

The "Bone Heart" serves as a reminder of something valuable that they have forgotten:

That they are already beautiful as they are, even if they might not believe it yet.

What you can do is let them know how beautiful they are through your feelings, words, and actions.

Your loved ones deserve it.

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