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The Nova - heart of Forest, Preserved Moss Terrarium by TerraLiving

A look at The Nova - "Heart of Forest"in the gallery before heading to a private collector in Malaysia.

Design philosophy:

A statement of elegance and luxury, 100% designed and crafted by TerraLiving in Malaysia, "The Nova" presents an exciting way to display our botanical art in form of terrarium.

"The Nova" geometrical glass sculpture features an extensive array of ZERO Moss species, along with other natural elements like preserved driftwood.

Inspired by the nearing age of space exploration, “The Nova” makes a stunning statement in any setting.

Perhaps, one day, this is how we hope to exhibit a gentle earthiness of our Malayan Rainforest in a space colony.

From “The Nova’s” sleek and modern design to its lush, vibrant interior, any home can be turned into a futuristic living space.

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