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The Sky Rift: A captivating botanical sculpture that looks like it came from a crack in the sky

If you have ever looked up at the sky and found yourself wishing there was something different, then you will appreciate this botanical sculpture that looks like it came from another dimension.

The Sky Rift - Heart of Forest, made from glass, moss, and wood, came from our desire to create a geometrical sculpture that gave the illusion that it was formed out of something like a crack in the sky.

Made up of 14 irregular glass facets, this work of art was entirely designed and crafted from the ground up to meet every detail of our expectations and specifications, followed by professionally arranged moss-scapes by our scientists.

It is 100% handcrafted with love by the team behind TerraLiving in Melaka, Malaysia, by Malaysians and is limited to two releases per year.

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