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The Vertex - l, Pure Moss Wall Terrarium with Tree Moss by TerraLiving

Available on our official Etsy store:

The Vertex (L) - Moss Wall; Twin Tree Moss Variant, a preserved moss terrarium, botanical collection by TerraLiving

Design concept & philosophy:

Inspired by the possibility of a futuristic lifestyle in a space colony, our "Vertex" reimagines the interiors of plant incubators that grow plants for inhabitants in space stations or places beyond Earth.

To those with a unique love for geometrical lines and symmetry, "The Vertex" is designed just for you.

Its sleek linear lines are made up of carefully crafted crystalline glass panels and seamless hinges that stir awe and wonder in symmetry lovers.

Take this soothing botanical art in a geometrical glass sculpture with you that also creates an exciting ambiance with its rare collection of ZERO Moss specimens.

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