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The Vertex - Moss Wall (L), Tree Moss Forest, Preserved Moss Terrarium by TerraLiving

The Vertex - Moss Wall (L), Tree Moss Forest, Preserved Moss Terrarium by TerraLiving

"The Vertex - Moss Wall (L), Tree Moss Forest" variant highlights the exciting viewing experience expressed via Tree Moss specimens preserved at different growth stages.

Story behind the design:

Flanked by steep humongous vertical limestone walls covered by a variety of ferns and mosses, the entrance to Deer Cave in Gunung Mulu National Park in Sarawak, Malaysia, could easily be mistaken be home to giants and dragons.

Some mosses like those growing on cave walls favour vertical surfaces because the temperature difference between the ground and the air in the morning causes condensation. Still, excess moisture runs off into the streams below.

This way, the moss receives the optimal amount of moisture it needs and can dry out & receive nourishing sunlight each morning. This is why mosses particularly love cave entrances, but you will hardly find any further in where the sun doesn’t shine.

Just as it took millions of years for underground streams and rivers to naturally carve out the large system of caves mentioned, it took the team behind TerraLiving years of cultivation, experimentation, and grooming the humble moss to be able to display it elegantly whilst bringing a touch of age and character to our art form.

The current Vertex design showcases a lush carpet of ZERO Moss at the base flanked by two steep vertical walls of moss to give a miniaturized abstract cross-sectional slice of a mossy cavern.

So, as you stare into The Vertex and wonder about its hidden secrets, let your imagination run free.

Try projecting yourself standing within the hollow chambers of Deer Cave, looking at the lush mossy carpets adorning its walls while listening to the tranquil sounds of trickling stream water and chirping crickets, far removed from the cares of everyday life.

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