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What is ZERO Moss by TerraLiving?

ZERO Moss (preserved moss) vs. Live Moss

Did you know the difference between a butterfly in the museum and a living butterfly in the garden?

One has fallen, and the other is alive.

But, the butterfly can be preserved to retain its original appearance, size, and shape, looking identical to a lifelike butterfly.

Think of ZERO Moss as the taxidermied butterfly in the museum.

They look almost identical to a Live Moss but even better. It is similar to how plants are preserved in the herbarium, or what we call the “Plant Museum”.

They could stand against the test of time and look fresh for ages, making it the perfect companion for people who love admiring eternal nature on a small scale.

The glass vessels or terrarium where ZERO Moss resides stay crystal clear for an optimal viewing experience without excessive condensation.

They require only your admiration and unspoken love without needing maintenance, while a Live Moss needs care, attention, water, soil, and maintenance to survive.

In TerraLiving's lab, we plant and observe Live Moss to research future authentic designs. As of now, we don't have plans to release them yet.

Both the ZERO and Live Moss spend their time comfortably in well-controlled greenhouses & display galleries.

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