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Zeneko - a parametric Fortune Cat (Maneki Neko) preserved moss terrarium by TerraLiving

Zeneko - a parametric Fortune Cat preserved moss terrarium designed by TerraLiving and made in Malaysia.

The fortune cat, also known as the maneki-neko, is a traditional Japanese figurine that is believed to bring good luck and fortune to its owner.

Coupled with parametric lines interpreted by our team as the physical manifestation of time, bending light to its will and mosses that are ancient plants with a great heritage that transcended time for 450 million years, Zeneko was created to express a calming aesthetic and meant to evoke feelings of tranquility or positivity.

Housed within a glass dome on a sleek hand-painted wooden base, Zeneko symbolizes hope and positivity in a workspace or world that may often feel chaotic and uncertain.

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Very cool article, I really like your articles and the works you showcase in these articles. When I was in France, there was a small exhibition dedicated to terrariums, I could not take my eyes off that beauty, thank God I was able to translate with the help of an English to French translator and ask how much longer the exhibition would last, fortunately it lasted for two more days, during those two days I managed to learn a lot about this trend and really fell in love, for me it is a real art and I really appreciate your blog for showing this art.

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