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🚚 TGX - 14 is now open for pre-order. Estimated ship-out date: ~21 working days upon placing an order (as soon as we can). 100% safe arrival guarantee.

🛬 Estimated arrival: 3 - 5 working days to arrive at your door-step unless there are unexpected events or delays not within our control.

💵 Import duty & taxes:

FULLY INCLUDED & absorbed by us in the final price. In our latest initiative to prevent unpaid taxes due to extended storage in customs storage facilities, we are pre-calculating the fees for you with shipping fees upon checkout. EXCEPT for Asia regions, as some may not have import taxes.

Pre-order: The Terragon - X ZERO, Heart of Forest, Preserved Moss Terrarium

$2,500.00 Regular Price
$2,250.00Sale Price
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  • Handcrafted by scientists & designers in Malacca, Malaysia. This is a 100% real preserved indoor plant and moss art serving as a long-lasting, maintenance-free plant gift or desk decor.

    Every piece has similar design concept based on the reference photos attached in this listing. Overall arrangements are slightly randomized due to natural elements. We craft every piece with our best skills cultivated over nine years of TerraLiving and they come with a very personal touch.

    You can expect to receive the exact photo of your selection once it is ready to ship.

    🎨 Crafted by a team of 9 scientists and designers. Each piece of Terragon - X requires at least 2 - 3 weeks to craft without taking in consideration of glass preparation, moss cultivation, preservation and preparation.

    The latest design language update for 2024 "Terragon - X : Heart of Forest" features an abstract forest-like appearance, encapsulating the impressions and thoughts we had for the vast and lush rainforest across Malaysia Titiwangsa's range.

    The Titiwangsa Range is one of the oldest rainforests in the world.

    It stands proudly between Peninsular Malaysia and Thailand, acting as a natural border.

    The range is the southernmost section of the larger 1,040-mile-long Tenasserim Hills that spans from the north of Thailand to the south of Peninsular Malaysia.

    Given its immense size and towering forests, multiple national parks were formed along with the range in Thailand and Malaysia.

    The Titiwangsa Range has truly become the natural national treasure for these two countries.

    Our designers constructed the "Terragon - X" in Titiwangsa Range's image, hoping to capture its importance and beauty and preserve it for eternity.

    The mosses were encased within a fully handcrafted Terragon geometrical glass vessel comprising 21 distinct glass facets, meticulously brought together at very precise angle, attached to a lacquer coated handcrafted rubber wood base which give off a very personal, elegant and luxurious touch.

    Designed to be virtually free of maintenance and last for foreseeable future in different climates across the world, the Terragon – X serve as an exquisite botanical sculpture with an immersive 360-degree view for any living space.

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