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1. What is ZERO Moss? How does it differ from typical preserved moss?

ZERO Moss is not your average preserved moss. While commercially available preserved moss serves its purpose for open-air installations, we developed ZERO Moss to meet our specific need for high-quality, everlasting, ZERO maintenance, intricately structured, soft and well-preserved moss. Each piece is specially treated in the lab to be pest-free and highly resistant to fungal and other infections, ensuring its original moss condition is maintained.

2. Why can't I simply use normal preserved moss to make a terrarium like yours?

Our lab uses specialized timing to freeze-dry and sterilize live moss, replacing its fluid with preservatives at the same time. This process results in an extremely low water content, allowing ZERO Moss to be protected from external elements like dust when housed in a closed glass system while also prevents unexpected mold growth typically caused by a lack of airflow.

Normal preserved moss undergoes a different preservation process (most commonly spray-dying or soaked in dye) as compared to ZERO Moss.

3. Are the colours of ZERO Moss natural?

ZERO Moss colours are rooted in the moss's original hues: mature moss is dark green, medium-aged moss is medium green, and younger moss is lighter green.

In our lab, chlorophyll is quickly extracted in a controlled setting to preserve the moss's structure and prevent permanent cell damage. Plant cell necrosis will cause them to harden, then turn dark brown / black.

We then use a mix of natural plant chlorophyll and synthetic dye (for UV protection) to enhance and maintain the ZERO Moss's vibrancy over the long term, ensuring minimal fading even with unintended UV exposure.

We strive for accuracy in representing the colour of each ZERO Moss Terrarium by ZERO Moss from different growth stages and hues. Every photo is taken under natural or studio light (cool-white, 6500K) or TerraLight (6000K) to provide an accurate reflection of the product.
However, keep in mind the moss's hue can appear differently under various lighting conditions.

Note: This listing is tailored for DIY enthusiasts and individuals interested in exploring the intricacies of our ZERO Moss. We advise wearing gloves while handling the moss to prevent temporary staining from the UV protective dye and to avoid transferring natural oils from your skin to the ZERO Moss.

4. More about our ZERO Moss summary and its care:

🌳 Our ZERO Mosses were cultivated in the greenhouse till their peak health, then sent into our lab for freeze-drying and preservation.

🌱 They look fresh, soft to touch, and lively but biologically inactive. Technically, they are NON-LIVING and won't produce fog. They are 100% real plant, real moss though.

🔬 This is how scientist store plants in herbarium or “plant museums” for decade. We modified the method with our proprietary technology so that the moss look refreshing for our art pieces, the moment where science meets art =)

✋ Maintenance:

ZERO Moss colour is the reflection of its original form, protected by our custom formulated "chlorophyll" dye.

NEVER expose ZERO Moss to direct sunlight and NEVER spray water. Keep them in cool & dry place.

Keep indoor closed at all times, unless you're opening it for viewing.

🚱 ZERO Moss in our official work you see is designed for sculptural and display grade. NO MAINTENANCE is needed except for general wiping for a better view.

📦 What’s in the package:

i) A box of ZERO Moss (Colour and hue of your choice), mono-species, Leucobryum sp. family

✋ Maintenance:

ZERO Moss colour is the reflection of its original form.

NEVER expose ZERO Moss to direct sunlight and NEVER spray water. Keep them in cool & dry place.

Keep indoor closed at all times, unless you're opening it for viewing.

📏 Specifications:

ZERO Moss will be packed into a box with bubble wraps measuring at:

Outer box measurement = ~330mm x 180mm

Box height = ~100mm

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Terms and conditions ⚠️⚠️⚠️

📞 Please message us your phone number, as our logistic partners strictly require it for shipping waybill generation.

💳 Strictly no refund & cancellation once we start shipping your order.


📬 We are NOT responsible for parcel theft once the parcel is delivered to your location. Receiving the package personally or leaving it to someone you trust is advisable.

📦 We ship our terrariums daily and pack the glassware professionally and securely with thick, custom-fitted carton boxes. (More than 5,500 orders shipped internationally)

✈️ We ship as fast as we can. However, infrequent shipping delays due to unexpected events such as customs hold-up, or force majeure (natural disasters) are not within our field of control.

🛬 100% safe arrival guarantee. If your order arrives cracked / broken / with a defect, please INFORM US WITHIN 48 HOURS based on the delivery time stated in the tracking status. If you take a video during the unboxing process, it helps to resolve any issue quickly too.

We will assess the matter swiftly and consider the next, best course of action.

🎨 Kindly note that these are natural mosses, and it’s not possible for every piece to be 100% the same, perfect and flawless.

🍃Leftover moss fragments, leaves, and other preserved natural organic matters may be present because these are all 100% real NATURAL MATERIALS.

📸 Photos are taken under yellow display light / natural light (background) & TerraLight, white display light (on moss) with Mirrorless Camera. Expect color differences from what you see on screen and the real thing.

P.S. Seriously, we put all our efforts and time into making these, and to date, we received hundreds of customer feedback and positive reviews. Hopefully, you can give us a chance to serve you with our art =)

• • • Regarding tax & duties • • •

In our latest initiative to prevent unexpectedly high import taxes due to extended storage in customs storage facilities, we are pre-calculating the fees for you with shipping fees upon checkout.

[All regions except Asia]

For all orders from 10th June 2022 onwards, additional shipping & handling fees (if any) are automatically calculated upon checkout.

For orders below $800, additional or unexpected & extra import tax / customs duty / service charges are included or FULLY ABSORBED by us unless stated otherwise.

NOTE: Asia regions - pay tax upon arrival.

Ready-to-fly: ZERO Moss - Luxury highest grade preserved moss by TerraLiving, Cr

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