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The Colony Mini (Normal design) - A botanical sculpture collection by TerraLiving, Preserved Moss Terrarium


 ðŸŽ The RainForest - "Colony": One of our long-running signature design where cork bark were sculpted to complement with its moss.


2022 Special Edition (SE) release with hand-painted smooth and premium lacquer coated wooden base is now available.


Option 1: Hand-painted black colour wooden base

Option 2 : Hand-painted lacquer coated wooden base (SE)


⏲️ Every piece is randomized with a our best skills cultivated over 5 years of TerraLiving. It comes with a very unique touch based on the curvy shape of preserved wood root and our ZERO Moss.


*Designs will be randomized based on the shape of moss / cork bark. Photos above serve as a guideline for what you can expect from our work. We guarantee that they all look amazing =)


🥬This is a ZERO Moss (preserved moss) geometric terrarium, with museum grade moss for long term display purposes, without the need for any maintenance.

🔍 Every piece is randomized with our best skills cultivated over 6 years of TerraLiving. Every piece comes with a very unique touch as they are 100% handmade.


The photos attached in this listing serve as a reference of our design language & possible moss species.



The Colony Mini (Normal design)

PriceFrom $103.50
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