✍️ Pre-order: Randomized design with a very personal touch.


🌳 Heart of Forest - Moss Wall variant is the latest design introduced on March 2020 and since then became one of the best selling. We moved them to a separate listing for a clearer overview of design choices.

Made with 100% real moss.


🛫 Expected date to ship: 5 - 7 working days upon placing an order (Usually earlier).


🚚 ~ 3 to 5 working days to arrive at your door-step unless there are unforeseen circumstances not within our power and control.

The EcoCube - Y (Heart of Forest), ZERO Moss Geometric Terrarium

TerraLight (3W)
Variant (Collector's Code)
  • i) The EcoCube - Y, Heart of Forest, International exclusive release, pre-designed with ZERO Moss.

    ii) The EcoCube - Y opener for its seamless glass door.

    iii) Collector's signed and coded authenticity card according to your selection.

    *Gently remove the packaging to prevent moss from dislocating.

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