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The Perception", Biological Parametric Sculpture, Limited Edition ZERO Preserved Moss Terrarium by TerraLiving



🥬This is a ZERO Moss (preserved moss) geometric terrarium, with museum grade moss for long term display purposes, without the need for any maintenance.

🔍 Every piece is randomized with our best skills cultivated over 6 years of TerraLiving. Every piece comes with a very unique touch as they are 100% handmade.


🔬 Every plane is derived from the structure of human spinal discs.

Ever heard of the saying, “you see things not as they are, but as you are”?

We are fascinating beings. 


Two people can sit in a classroom, listen to the same teacher, but understand two opposite things. 


Most likely, it's because they interpreted the information based on their past experiences. 


"Our perception forms our reality" is not an understatement. 

How we perceive life, the world, and nature can affect how we think, feel, and act. 


Positive vs. Negative.

Good vs. Bad. 

Half-full vs. half-empty. 


If you shine your sight on another angle, you might see different things.

Like how "The Perception’s" shadow moves and changes its shape subtly as you move the light source…


Your perception of a person, event, or object also changes depending on where you look.


So, the next time you glance at "The Perception", let it be a reminder to look at life from different angles. 


Who knows, you might make new discoveries.

⏲️ For all releases, while the parametric structure is almost identical, every piece is randomized with a our best skills cultivated over 5 years of TerraLiving. It comes with a very unique touch based on the time and day we craft along with the moss species used.


The photos attached in this listing serve as a reference of our design language & possible moss species.

"The Perception", Biological Parametric Sculpture

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