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The Pillar of Moss, A ZERO Preserved Moss Terrarium by TerraLiving, International Exclusive Release


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🪴 This is a ZERO Moss (preserved moss) geometric terrarium, with museum grade moss for long term display purposes, without the need for any maintenance


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📖 Story behind the Pillar of Moss:


When the "Pillar of Moss" made its first appearance in early 2017, it was made for our early moss wall experiment and never an official release.


After years of multiple design iterations, it has recently achieved its stable form and stability. Pillar of Moss delivers a clean view of its gravity-defying moss wall, crafted and preserved in our lab.


The front-facing seamless-hinge glass door allows easy access to the inner moss world while serving as a guide frame for optimal viewing experience when kept closed.


🌴 Official 6 years anniversary release. Every piece will always come with at least one preserved tree moss transplanted onto the moss wall and seasonal moss species preserved in Q1 2022.


🥬Every piece has similar design concept based on the photos attached in this listing. Moss / wood arrangements are slightly randomized due to natural elements. We craft every piece with our best skills cultivated over six years of TerraLiving and they come with a very personal touch.

The Pillar of Moss

PriceFrom $274.50
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