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📖 Our design concept:

Inspired by the Titiwangsa Range, a chain of mountains that forms the backbone of the Malay peninsula, the Terragon – X ZERO, “Heart of Forest” encapsulates our feelings of growing up and living in a bio-diversity rich country, Malaysia.

The interior of Terragon – X was crafted into an undulating moss-scape with our perfectly preserved ZERO Moss from TerraLiving’s herbarium collection, spanned across by a series of Malayan driftwoods.


The mosses were encased within a fully handcrafted Terragon geometrical glass vessel comprising 21 distinct glass facets, meticulously brought together at very precise angle, attached to a lacquer coated handcrafted mahogany wooden base which give off a very personal, elegant and luxurious touch.


Designed to be virtually free of maintenance and last for foreseeable future in different climates across the world, the Terragon – X serve as an exquisite botanical sculpture with an immersive 360-degree view for any living space.

The Terragon - X ZERO, Heart of Forest, TerraLiving Botanical Sculpture

  • i) 1X The Terragon – X, Heart of Forest, International limited-edition exclusive release, 3rd piece in 2020. Third-piece sculptural design, coded as TGX - 03

    ii) 1X The Terragon – X opener for its seamless glass door.

    iii) 1 pc 3W TerraLight and 1 pc 5W TerraLight, each with individual, separable handcrafted Malayan rubber wood base.


    *Gently remove the packaging to prevent moss from dislocating.

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