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  • The Terragon - X ZERO, Heart of Forest, TerraLiving Botanical Sculpture

    ⚠️ IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ EVERYTHING (We take that you agree to the following terms and conditions upon purchasing):

    🚚 Expected dispatch date: 2 working days for complete packaging. Arrival to your door-steps in about 3 – 4 working days.

    ⭐ Please message us your phone number as it is required by our logistic partners for shipping waybill generation.

    1. This is a part of TerraLiving’s herbarium Collection, a FULLY COMPLETED Botanical Sculpture & Terrarium with ZERO Moss preserved in our lab for you to collect and own a part of TerraLiving’s work.

    2. Kindly refer to https://www.theterraliving.com/zero-moss-faq if you are not sure what our ZERO Moss is.

    3. We ship our terrariums every day and we pack the glassware professionally and securely with custom made wooden box.

    4. 100% safe arrival guarantee. In the event that they arrive cracked / broken / with defect, please INFORM US WITHIN 48 HOURS based on the delivered time stated in the tracking status, we will do a considerate amount of refund or we will give our very best to send a similar one again.

    5. In any case where tariff is imposed, you shall bear the full cost.

    6. Kindly note that this is 100% handmade glass work & moss from TerraLiving. Therefore, it is not possible for every piece to be 100% same and flawless.

    7. Minor, non-life-threatening scratches, finger prints may exist because we made everything with our own hands, not machine.

    8. Strictly no refund & cancellation once we posted the The Terragon – X, Heart of Forest, International limited-edition exclusive release.

    9. Photos taken under white display light with Mirrorless Camera. Expect some colour differences from what you see on screen and the real thing.

    10. Personally, we think the real thing really look better.

    📦 What’s in the package:

    i) 1X The Terragon – X, Heart of Forest, International limited-edition exclusive release. First-piece sculptural design, coded as TGX - 01

    ii) 1X The Terragon – X opener for its seamless glass door.

    iii) 1X Hand crafted and hand painted mahogany wooden base.

    *Slowly remove the packaging to prevent moss from dislocating.

    ✋ Maintenance: Virtually no maintenance needed and should last for foreseeable future. Strictly no watering and no direct sunlight. Wipe the glass when needed for clearer view. Keep closed at all times.

    📏 Size (Glass Vessel): 
    Approx. ~ 41cm (L) X 22cm (W) X 26cm (H)

    📏 Glass piece: 21 distinct glass facets.

    ⚗️ Glass thickness: 3mm

    🌱 Glass door: 3 openings. State-of-the-art seamless hinge mechanism glass door.

    📖 Our design concept:

    Inspired by the Titiwangsa Range, a chain of mountains that forms the backbone of the Malay peninsula, the Terragon – X ZERO, “Heart of Forest” encapsulates our feelings of growing up and living in a bio-diversity rich country, Malaysia.

    The interior of Terragon – X was crafted into an undulating moss-scape with our perfectly preserved ZERO Moss from TerraLiving’s herbarium collection, spanned across by a series of Malayan driftwoods.

    The mosses were encased within a fully handcrafted Terragon geometrical glass vessel comprising 21 distinct glass facets, meticulously brought together at very precise angle, attached to a lacquer coated handcrafted mahogany wooden base which give off a very personal, elegant and luxurious touch.

    Designed to be virtually free of maintenance and last for foreseeable future in different climates across the world, the Terragon – X serve as an exquisite botanical sculpture with an immersive 360-degree view for any living space.


    🌿 Support/contact: 

    *Feel free to drop us a message here for any inquiries.

    *You may also contact us through Facebook chat @ facebook.com/terraliving OR Instagram @terraliving

    *You can reach us immediately through our help line @ +6017-6383820 (WhatsApp only)

    *From glass to moss, everything was fully hand-crafted by TerraLiving Gallery, Melaka, Malaysia.