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The Vertex - Var. Bio-Heart, Biomorphic Sculpture Preserved Moss Terrarium collection by TerraLiving


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🪴 This is a ZERO Moss (preserved moss) geometric terrarium, with museum grade moss for long term display purposes, without the need for any maintenance


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🌴 Bio-architecture Inspiration:


"The Bio-Heart" captures our skills, knowledge, and attention to detail that has gone into it.


The Bio-Heart is a preserved moss botanical sculpture made possible with 3D printing technology that evokes the feeling of our hearts beating together in rhythm with nature.

This collectible art serves as a reminder of the beauty of nature and how, in unison, we are with it.


Its bio-architecture heart structure was inspired by mimicking the way proteins, and cellular networks form and how blood circulates throughout our body.


It reminds us of our relation to one another and the environment.


It inspires us to always look at nature up to its most miniature scale for all our designs.

✍️ ✍️ Photos in this listing serve as a reference for what you can expect to get. "Eden" organic structure and the moss arrangements may be slightly randomized but highly similar to the photos attached as they are handmade by us :)

🔍 Every piece is randomized with our best skills cultivated over 6 years of TerraLiving. Every piece comes with a very unique touch as they are 100% handmade.




The Vertex - Var. Bio-Heart

PriceFrom $306.00
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