the TerraDome

Time spent observing each and every leaf of moss is a very therapeutic & refreshing process to take your mind off your hectic lifestyle for a moment. In this TerraDome, we created a moss ecosystem with 7 moss variants. Phase transplantation, a technique which involves three different phases (timing) of moss species introduction within 6 months gives you an overall impression of ultra natural internal ecosystem, instead of man-made looking ones.

the TerraDome

the TerraDome

The TerraDome is a piece of unique in-door living sculpture. TerraDome captures visitors' attention & imagination with breathtaking moss arrangements in the glass vessel. The geodesic dome measures at a built up area of 30*30*30cm with multiple moss species living in stable ecosystem.

Terraliving Gallery & Farmhouse, Melaka

Opening Hours: Strictly for Appointment Only

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