the TerraShard-Y

TerraShard - Y, preparing for vertical take off into the depth of universe in search for the next habitable planet." In the design process by our glass architect, TerraShard-Y was inspired by science fiction about planet colonization lead by bullet shaped space pod. TerraShard-Y is part of the ZERO Series design made possible with our ZERO Moss. 7 moss variants were used with black bog wood to create an overall organic and natural rainforest feel with a visualization of how a sci-fi space pod c

the Terra-Shard

In TerraLiving, we like to challenge ourselves and go beyond our existing limits. Our daily obsession with moss and glass left us dreaming about creating one-of-a-kind bespoke design for our client. Now, we work closely with our glass architect to produce the Terra-Shard and bring life to it with two panels of living moss wall.

the Terra-Shard ZERO

In this smaller variant and more "desktop-friendly" of Terra-Shard ZERO, we decided to construct a mini moss wall with preserved moss so that you don't have to think about its maintenance 6 distinct moss variants were used in the mini moss wall to give an overall natural and organic look so that you will never get bored with it at your work space.

the Terra-Shard Mk. II

This is the new Terra-Shard Mk. II from the ZERO Series. It comes with unique 6-piece diamond cut beveled glass top & 2 stained glass back panel, fitting into a total of 30 pieces of hand cut glass. Light refracted on the beveled glass gives you an overall refresing look compared to our usual releases.

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