the Vertex

In this live moss variant of "The Vertex - S", we transplanted three cultivated F2 live moss species, namely bun moss, pillow moss and feather moss into the closed system glass vessel. This slice of mossy forest can be placed on your desk and it requires good lighting up to 8 hours a day, cool environment below 30 degree celcius and minimal watering just to keep all the leaves moist.

the Vertex

In this live moss variant of "The Vertex", one can expect to enjoy how well the vessel get saturated with water and condensed on the glass surface especially during rainy days. The translucent overview of the entire Vertex vessels deliver a mysterious and lively slice of misty forest right onto your desk top. When condensation reaches a certain dew point, water droplets will start forming and you can start experiencing water trails flowing right back into the substrate part of the biome. This

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