Wardian Pod

Our Wardian Pod is one of the few vessels in which we allow our imagination to manifest itself. Meticulous botanical arrangements of preserved moss and ferns with their structures intact such as sporophytes were encased within this gold geometrical variant Wardian Pod. The seamless glass doors from both sides allow easy access into the inner world of the pod, shall you ever feel like observing the plant structures in detail.

Wardian Pod

Nearly 200 years ago, Dr. Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward first documented and published the usage of terrarium, a sealed protective vessel for plants, known as the Wardian case. Dr. Ward's terrarium contributed to how the world looks like now, ranging from the existence of horticultural plants, fruits, tea and well, rubber for your car tyres. The Wardian case creates a microclimate which carry plants around the world in the 19th century by ship, often exposed to harsh environments on sea for months.

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