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The Apex

The Apex - A ZERO Moss Parametric Sculpture by TerraLiving

• • • Design concept & philosophy • • •

What would plants look like if we ever grow them in space?

Probably, the astronauts would grow them like ‘The Apex’.

Moss are planted in layers upon layers, forming a cascade of white-and-green terraces, then encased in a round glass dome filled with oxygen.

‘The Apex’ also celebrates one of the tremendous human breakthroughs in plant cultivation.

Long ago, people believed steep mountains are not suitable for farming.

However, the Incans from South America challenged the idea.

They lived in the mountains, and flatlands were rare.

So, they’ve decided to create flatlands themselves by building steps on the mountains.

Today, terrace farming has been used in China, Japan, the Philippines, and other areas of Oceania and Southeast Asia; around the Mediterranean; in parts of Africa; and in the Andes of South America for centuries.

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