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Commonly known as preserved moss terrarium, the ZERO Series covers our designs that employ ZERO Mosses the main plant materials. It allows our fans to enjoy the aesthetics of moss, botany and biological art without the need to worry about maintaining them.

What is ZERO Series?

“Preserved botanical designs and arrangements by TerraLiving that require virtually no care”

Are the ZERO Moss real?

"They are 100% real moss preserved in our lab."

Initially, live mosses were cultivated in our greenhouse, also known as the “Moss Lab”. We selected them at the peak of their health to go through our proprietary state-of-the-art preservation technology to capture their beauty. Water content of moss was removed in low pressure and subzero temperature to freeze all their proteins and biological components.


Then, each and every moss cell was filled in with chlorophyll dye, plant fluid, nutrients, food and cosmetic grade preservatives.

About ZERO Moss 2021.jpg

Are ZERO Moss alive and will they grow??

“They are NON - LIVING although looking alive and fresh.”

After the preservation, ZERO Moss are biologically inactive as all their cellular activities come to a halt. We treat them in a state of suspended animation. They are clean, pest-free, will not grow forever but they won’t decompose either.

Is ZERO Moss safe?

“They are safe to touch and smell”

During the post-processing step of our ZERO Moss preservation, only safe, environmentally friendly and bio-degradable components were retained. Feel free to touch them with clean hands but you’re NOT supposed to eat it or feed it to your pets because mosses are generally not edible.

How long can ZERO Moss look fresh and good?

“Theoretically decades, and our current experiment is 5 years and still counting.”

Depending on the way they were kept, their lifespan varies. If kept closed or away from potential pollutants such as dusts and water, they look vibrant and fresh for years or fade out slightly after a while. If kept exposed to air and absorb large amount of pollutants, they may lose their sponginess and fluffiness.

Do I need to water ZERO Moss?

“No, you should never do that.”

Designed to be ZERO Maintenance, if you water them, the water will displace the moss nutrients & preservatives thus significantly reduce their overall lifespan.


Does ZERO Moss need light?

“It is mainly for aesthetics purpose”

As ZERO Moss no longer carry out photosynthesis to make food, they don’t need light. That being said, bright environmental light helps in reducing chances of possible growth of mold, as mold like to grow around warm, humid and dark spaces.

Can I leave ZERO Moss exposed to sunlight?

“Avoid direct sunlight”

DO NOT expose them to direct and unfiltered sunlight with strong UV as it will degrade the cellular integrity of ZERO Moss. However, occasional passive sunlight is okay.


What type of environment should I keep my ZERO Moss?

“Keep them in cool & dry environment”

Virtually any in-door environment is suitable for ZERO Moss. Avoid overly high relative humidity or extremely low humidity (below 10%). Try avoiding direct exposure to air conditioner as the dry air will swiftly remove the water retention capacity of ZERO Moss, causing them to feel brittle to touch.

Just like how scientists store plants specimen in curated Herbarium for decades, ZERO Moss performs best in similar environment. Lower ambient temperature and low humidity usually prevent any invasive micro-organisms growth.

What about temperature?

“Keep below 40°C and above 10°C if possible”

While they are resilient as compared to their living counterpart especially when it comes to heat, try avoiding exposure to extreme temperature and they will do just fine for years.


Do I need to keep ZERO Moss terrariums tightly closed?

“Not necessary.”

The glass terrarium vessel is designed to protect the ZERO Moss within from direct exposure to large contaminants or water droplets. If you forgot to close the glass tightly after viewing, it will not harm the ZERO Moss in any ways.

What are the differences between open and closed system designs?

“A different way of expressing our botanical art”

In closed vessel, ZERO Moss are more protected from external environment. Open system designs such as “the Mosser” series provide a more direct and cohesive experience between users and their living space but they trap air pollutants at the same time. To enhance the longevity of open system designs, kindly display them in your display cabinet.

Will ZERO collect dust when exposed for long term?

“Very minimal or not visible”

By default, the surface of ZERO Moss is neutral in electrostatic charges. Therefore, they do not attract dusts and dusts usually get trapped in between the crevices of moss microstructures or “dissolved” and absorbed into the leaf cells.

 Occasionally, I notice condensation within the glass vessel. Do I need to wipe them off?

“Wipe them off for optimal viewing experience”

In extremely rare occasion, a thin layer of condensation occurs especially in humid environments. You can air it out or wipe them.

During the preservation process, some water contents were retained that contributes to the freshness of ZERO Moss. Condensation on the glass wall occurs when there is sudden change in environment such as temperature fluctuation or atmospheric temperature.

Why does my ZERO Moss look different and slightly yellowish?

“ZERO Moss are a reflection of their original form and responds to environmental changes”

ZERO Moss changes its colour due to environmental factors such as heat, humidity, pollution. No worries as they usually reach a certain threshold and stay at that colour range for ages.

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