What is ZERO Series?

Short Answer: Preserved botanical arrangements


Our ZERO Series designs were created to allow you to enjoy the beauty and aesthetics of moss and botany without the need to worry about maintaining them.

Will ZERO Moss grow?

Short Answer: They will not grow forever

Due to the preservation process which deactivated every single cellular activity of moss, ZERO Moss will never grow. This allow us to design plant sculpture which will stand against the trial of time and last virtually eternally.

Does ZERO Moss need light?

Short Answer: Light is purely for aesthetics purpose


As ZERO Moss does not carry any cellular activity and remain dormant, it will not make food through photosynthesis.

Can I keep ZERO Moss in normal room temperature?

Short Answer: Keep below 50°C and above 10°C


Unlike live moss, ZERO Moss resist heat. As long as it is not exposed to extreme temperatures, they should do fine for years.

What are the difference between open and closed system designs?

Short Answer: They serve as a different way of expressing botanical art


In closed vessel, ZERO Moss are more protected against environmental pollutants and contaminants. Open system design such as moss frame and moss wall provide a more direct and cohesive experience between users and their living space while they trap pollutants at the same time.

Is ZERO Series & ZERO Moss real?

Short Answer: 100% real moss and plants


Our mosses were cultivated within our greenhouse, then went through our proprietary state-of-the-art preservation technology to capture their beauty in the best state. The water content of moss was removed in low pressure and subzero temperature to freeze all their proteins and biological components. Then each and every cell was filled in with plant fluid & nutrients.

How long can ZERO Moss stay fresh?

Short Answer: 3 years – forever


Depending on the way they were kept, their lifespan varies. If kept closed, they should stay the same forever or about 10 years. For open system, they may look the same or slightly less fresh after 3 – 5 years. However, after absorbing large amount of pollutants, they may lose their sponginess and fluffiness.

Can I expose ZERO Moss to sunlight?

Short Answer: Avoid direct sunlight


Avoid direct exposure to unfiltered sunlight with strong UV as it will degrade the cells ZERO Moss. There is nothing to worry if you expose it to passive sunlight.

Can ZERO Moss purify air around us?

Short Answer: Moss leaves traps everything if left exposed


When left in closed system, air pollutants do not have a chance to come into contact with moss. However, when ZERO Moss were left exposed, dusts, fine particles and pollutants will get trapped within the moss

I notice condensation within the glass vessel? Do I need to wipe them off?

Short Answer: ZERO Moss does carry certain percentage of water


During the preservation process, we leave some water to retain the freshness of ZERO Moss. Condensation on the glass wall or even on “moss flower” of ZERO Moss occurs when there are differences in environmental cues such as temperature and atmospheric temperature

Is ZERO Moss safe?

Short Answer: They are safe to touch and smell


In the post-processing step of preserved moss, only safe and environmentally friendly components were retained. Feel free to touch and smell the moss, but you are not supposed to eat it or feed it to your pets because mosses are not edible.

Do I need to water ZERO Moss?

Short Answer: No, you shouldn’t water them


Designed to be ZERO Maintenance, there is no watering needed for ZERO Moss. If you water them, the water will displace their nutrients which will significantly reduce their overall lifespan.

What type of environment should I keep my moss?

Short Answer: Keep in-door with normal humidity (Below 70%)


Virtually any in-door environment is suitable for ZERO Moss. Avoid overly high relative humidity or extremely low humidity (below 10%). If possible, avoid direct exposure to air conditioner as the dry air will quickly remove the water retention capacity of ZERO Moss which may cause them to feel brittle to touch.

Will ZERO Moss collect dust?

Short Answer: Very minimal or not visible


By default, the surface of ZERO Moss is neutral in electrostatic charges. Therefore, they do not attract dusts to their surface. In the event that dusts do fall onto the leaf surface, they will get “dissolved” and absorbed into the leaf cells or get trapped between the crevices of moss structures.

Why does my moss look different and slightly yellowish?

Short Answer: Moss responds to environment


Moss can change colour due to environmental stress / heat / pollution. Due to air pollutants which get absorbed into ZERO moss, the will change accordingly. That being said, ZERO Moss are very tough and they should stay ever green 99.9% of the time.


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