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The Chloroplast 3.0

The Chloroplast is the "solar panel" of plants.

This little plant organ is responsible for producing food for plants by absorbing sunlight and carbon dioxide.

This 5-micrometer-long thingy is the source of photosynthesis.

Without this, plants will starve and wither. And ultimately, humanity will be wiped out.

Amazed by its significance despite its minuscule size…

This thought crossed one of our designer's minds one day:

What if "The Chloroplast" escaped from plants and managed to thrive on its own? How would it ever look like?

Thus, begins the imagination and creation process of conjuring "The Chloroplast" into life.

Our designers imagined "The Chloroplast" to be on the perfect balance between providing homes for ZERO Moss and thriving on its own.

[For the science geeks] The grooves of "Chloroplast 3.0" resemble the "thylakoid", filled with ZERO Moss, the "lumen", and connected by organic structures resembling "lamella".

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