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The Heart

Where art meets science & technology, this is how biomorphism and bioarchitecture influence TerraLiving's sculptural design.

Inspired by one of the cores and most significant human organs, "The Heart" is a team effort in TerraLiving made possible across different divisions with our team of scientists & designers from diverse background and knowledge.

The concept and idea of "The Heart" was first conceived two years ago in our group design presentation. "Heart" is where we belong to and what brought us together as a team.

Today, with the help of fruitful research in preserving our delicate mosses and wood roots to their most optimum stage, computational design in generating the parametric heart structure, aided by 3-D printing technology, this botanical sculpture can finally take form and materialize.

The early sketches, planning, and discussion for the parametric structure took months early this year, with countless iterations, lots of coffees, and sleepless nights to get finalized.

Needless to say, "The Heart" is a considerable challenge to us, and it opens a new frontier to the future of TerraLiving's Botanical Sculpture.

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