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The Oracle

"The Oracle" - a parametric moss sculpture by TerraLiving.

Can a single drop in the ocean make a difference?

Even if it’s just a drop that seems to disappear into the vast ocean, the ripple effect it created is real.

What if that drop actually gains momentum and evolves into tides and waves years later?

Yes, it's possible.

"The Oracle" shows that a drop can create a momentum of ripples.

Sometimes, you might feel any action you've taken today makes no sense or does nothing.

Bear in mind that no matter how small your actions are, each action will start a new contagion effect.

And that effect will make a dent in your life and other people’s lives.

Take a closer look at "The Oracle".

See how the ZERO Moss are filling the gaps between the ripples?

Because of that, they're forming a unique shape that it otherwise can’t achieve on their own.

That is exactly how your life and other people’s lives will evolve.

Because of the action you took yesterday.

Your actions matter, even if it may look small and insignificant now.

But trust us, you have already created an invisible ripple effect that will manifest in the future.

Keep going.

Keep doing what you think is right.

While the design process of "the Oracle" to generate a parametric structure that fits and feels just right when sealed into its glass vessel can take weeks, the crafting process plays a crucial role.

Crafting an "Oracle" requires unparalleled attention to detail and focus by transplanting ZERO Moss with different shades of greens into every "grooves" of its parametric structure.

Indeed, it takes lots of effort and days to complete one; the outcome is satisfying and leaves a lasting impression on its respective owners.

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