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🛬 Estimated arrival: 3 - 5 working days to arrive at your door-step unless there are unexpected events or delays not within our control.

💵 Import duty & taxes:

FULLY INCLUDED & absorbed by us in the final price. In our latest initiative to prevent unpaid taxes due to extended storage in customs storage facilities, we are pre-calculating the fees for you with shipping fees upon checkout. EXCEPT for Asia regions, as some may not have import taxes.

Pre-order: The Time Fragment - Luxury Terrarium, Preserved Moss Terrarium

$1,800.00 Regular Price
$1,620.00Sale Price
Only 1 left in stock
  • Handcrafted by scientists & designers in Malacca, Malaysia. This is a 100% real preserved indoor plant and moss art serving as a long-lasting, maintenance-free plant gift or desk decor.

    Every piece has similar design concept based on the reference photos attached in this listing. Overall arrangements are slightly randomized due to natural elements. We craft every piece with our best skills cultivated over nine years of TerraLiving and they come with a very personal touch.

    You can expect to receive the exact photo of your selection once it is ready to ship.

    🔖 If you have a passion for the unexpected and surprise, then the pre-order of our the ninth "Time Fragment" (TF-09) is just for you.

    Our expert team of scientists and designers has over six years of experience in TerraLiving, ensuring that each piece is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.

    While the "Time Fragment" glass is the same, the unique arrangements of moss and wood root are completely randomized, adding an element of surprise to each and every one of our creations.

    When you pre-order this beautiful work of art, you will receive an official photo of the final product once it is ready for delivery.

    Guaranteed two pieces of prominent and high grade Tree Moss species at different growth stage & height, along with large variety of moss species across the entire terrarium.

    The photos included in this listing are from past releases, giving you an idea of what to expect.

    Don't miss this opportunity to add a touch of elegance and surprise to your collection.

    📖 Our design concept:

    If you could replay a past memory over and over again, what would it be?

    Maybe it was the time when you were most loved by your parents, spouse, or friends.

    Or perhaps when you were traveling to the most beautiful place in the world.

    It could also be when you have achieved something remarkable.

    Sometimes, you want to encapsulate the memory in a time fragment so you can go back and experience the joy and love again.

    Like humans, forests have memories as well.

    This "‘Time Fragment’" symbolizes the crystallized memories of a forest.

    Its beauty has been frozen in time. No matter how many years have passed, it’ll always remain the same for eternity.

    Like your beautiful memories.

    They’ll remain intact in your heart regardless of time. So, cherish them while you still can.

    “The Time Fragment” took form and materialized from the "dimensional rift" after going through months of prototyping and design iterations to ensure successful transplantation of our ZERO Moss.

    The dual seamless hinge mechanism allows "The Time Fragment" to be accessible from different directions for a closer and detailed view of moss colonies.

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