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Special note: Available only in UNITED STATES, CANADA, SINGAPORE & MALAYSIA.




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Live Moss Terrarium: The Vertex II - Living Moss Wall, A Dormant Moss (CryoMoss)

PriceFrom $225.00
  • 🌳 About CryoMoss & Time Capsule planting system:


    1. The Vertex II planting system is made up of handcrafted geometrical glass cover, 3D-printed (corn-based biopolymer) CryoMoss Module and 3D-printed (corn-based biopolymer) water reservoir base. The "Module" and "Base" are bio-degradable if you discard them, but structurally stable in an in-door environment.


    2. CryoMoss is a dormant live moss that underwent treatment and cultivation in small fragment batches in our lab for up to 12 months to remove potential pests.


    3. We ship them in a low water content or dry state, and you can "wake" them up from their dormant state by spraying them with water. It takes about a week to a month to fully flourish after revival.


    4. By complementing the Module (parametric Moss grid planting system), which is entirely 3D printed with plant-based materials and optimized for life support, CryoMoss is planted in a 100% SOILLESS environment.


    5. CryoMoss thrives well between 10℃ (50℉) to 25℃ (77℉) with 8 hours of indoor / passive sunlight daily and requires a weekly total surface watering. Condensation is present 99% of the time, delivering a mysterious "mossy forest" experience.


    6. Avoid letting CryoMoss enter another drought cycle to prevent moss cell damage.


    7. The Vertex II planting system prevents overwatering, one of the primary causes of unhealthy moss, by passively allowing excessive water to drain into a water catchment reservoir at the bottom of its structure.


    8. AVOID extended exposure to high-temperature 40℃ (104℉) or direct sunlight as that can kill the CryoMoss or deform the plant-based biopolymer structure.


    More details & care guide:

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