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Preserved Moss Terrarium: The Cristae - Luxury Moss Wall

PriceFrom $323.10
  • 🧫 A design inspired by cristae, the folds in the inner mitochondria membrane that increase the inner membrane's surface area where energy production occurs in mitochondria.


    Mitochondria are the "nuclear reactors" or powerhouses of the cell. They are double membrane-bound organelles found in most eukaryotic organisms (ranging from plants to animals).


    Advanced life forms like us, humans, and our world will never exist without mitochondria.


    Through an expression known as biomorphism, our designers create artistic design elements based on naturally occurring patterns, in this case, the very structure of mitochondria.


    Handcrafted by scientists & designers in Malacca, Malaysia. This is a 100% real preserved indoor plant and moss art serving as a long-lasting, maintenance-free plant gift or desk decor.


    Every piece has similar design concept based on the reference photos attached in this listing. Overall arrangements are slightly randomized due to natural elements. We craft every piece with our best skills cultivated over nine years of TerraLiving and they come with a very personal touch.


    You can expect to receive the exact photo of your selection once it is ready to ship.

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