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The Colony - X ; Tree Moss Forest, Luxurious Preserved Moss Terrarium

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  • Handcrafted by scientists & designers in Malacca, Malaysia. This is a 100% real preserved indoor plant and moss art serving as a long-lasting, maintenance-free plant gift or desk decor.

    Every piece has similar design concept based on the reference photos attached in this listing. Overall arrangements are slightly randomized due to natural elements. We craft every piece with our best skills cultivated over nine years of TerraLiving and they come with a very personal touch.

    You can expect to receive the exact photo of your selection once it is ready to ship.

    📖 Colony - X design philosophy:

    Situated North of Peninsular Malaysia, tucked away from modern civilization and hidden among the misty mountains & valleys of the Titiwangsa Range, lies our pristine Royal Belum forest reserve.

    Probably one of the oldest rainforests in the world at 130million years old, this vast expanse of tropical paradise covers 454 square miles of land, which serves as a sanctuary and haven to millions of species of terrestrial & aquatic plants and animals.

    As one cruise across the calm emerald green waters of man-made Lake Temenggor situated within the rainforest, lush green domes, which were once hilltop peaks protrude out of the lake's calm surface, each forming its own little rainforest island ecosystem.

    "The Colony - X" by TerraLiving is a time capsule of a tropical paradise placed in suspended animation. Lush, soft, and evergreen ZERO Moss at different growth stages growing out of the oak tree cork resembles the forest canopy of the islands that dot the lake, all encased within a clear crystalline bell glass jar to give the viewer an unobstructed 360° birds-eye visual experience.

    As you gaze upon "The Colony - X", allow the howling of gibbons and the buzz of cicadas & crickets to accompany your imagination away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

    Brimming with lush, ZERO Moss fluffs around the intricately carved cork bark; this botanical sculpture encourages you to partake in unplugging from contemporary life, as you can enjoy time immersed in nature without any digital distractions.

    Encased in a crystal clear glass dome attached to a luxurious hand-painted lacquer coated wooden base with walnut sheen, "the Colony - X" can be placed anywhere as an eye-catching centerpiece or elegant display art subject matter.

    One of the largest of its kind, "the Colony - X" is several times larger than standard pieces, about the same as a human’s head. It is a home to more than ten tree mosses preserved at different growth stages.

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