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Science. Art. Biomorphism.

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At TerraLiving, we aim to deliver immersive product aesthetics and elegance into your living space.


What you are about to see is the culmination of excellence over years of hard work, coffee, and very little sleep.

We are bridging our strong background in life science, art, and technology. Our love for all things beauty and our passion for perfecting our botanical collection, terrariums & sculptures will be a great addition to your life.

Our Etsy Store

Introduced in December 2019, our Etsy store has been proudly catering to a global clientele, delivering over 6,000 exquisite pieces of art and terrariums to enthusiasts worldwide.

Our committed team ensures a seamless experience on Etsy by being available for 17 hours daily, throughout the year. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority as we continue to curate and share our passion with our community.

TerraLiving Etsy Voxel Concept Store.jpg

Official Webstore

TerraLiving Gallery 2.0 Exhibition Space.jpg

After a successful two-year trial run with invited participants, we are happy to announce the official opening of our webstore, now accessible to all customers and you can enjoy a 10% discount on all designs.


This is especially great news for our French customers who previously couldn't shop from our Etsy store. Please bear with us as we continue to improve the webstore experience, and feel free to report any access issues you might face.

Physical Gallery

TerraLiving Terrarium Shop_1.jpg

If you're in Malaysia, we invite you to experience our collection firsthand at TerraLiving Public Gallery & Exhibition Center. This space is dedicated to showcasing our most exquisite and luxurious terrariums.


Visitors can also view unique prototypes and exclusive designs that highlight the innovation and artistry of TerraLiving.

Unparalleled craftsmanship


TerraLiving has developed a reputation as one of the top craftspeople in minimalist & futuristic geometrical glass sculptures.

We’ve been designing and creating high-quality pieces since 2015 and have had the pleasure and privilege of bringing unique glass art into reality for a wide assortment of clients.

We are constantly on the lookout for new inspirations and motivations.Please reach out if you are interested in working with us in some capacity.

BioArt . Bioarchitecture . Biomorphism


Through Bioarchitecture & Biomorphism, we apply the complexity and immense interconnectedness of the scientific mechanisms into our work.

These designs contribute to our Botanical Sculptures that allow our clients to feel ever more connected to their surrounding living space, from a desktop environment to a bedroom.


ZERO Moss is the primary plant material that we use for all our official botanical collections, sculptures & terrariums.

Initially, we cultivate live moss in our in-door propagation center till its peak health. Then we preserve the moss to freeze its growth and cellular components through physical means and food-grade plant fluids.

These preserved moss from our lab are known as ZERO Moss. They are 100% real plants that require no maintenance and look fresh for years.


Our ZERO Moss require virtually no care.


Avoid long-term direct sunlight, extreme temperature, high humidity and water.

It can last a lifetime, like a well preserved museum specimen.

TerraLiving ZERO Moss Care Guide.jpg

The art of TerraLiving

Vertex Voxarium Winter Memories Gallery TerraLiving NFT.jpg

Since 2015, "The Art of TerraLiving" is the dedication to our work and motivation to grow our art.

Our pure art division covers traditional hand-drawn art and digital art that led us to exceptional projects and experiences, translating ideas into reality.

We specialize in creating unique graphics and visual media that help us leave a lasting impression on our fans.

The full virtual gallery for our digital art is coming soon.

Living Art & Sculpture

Vertex Moss Terrarium TerraLiving with Fog


Featured across hundreds of sites and being the first of their kind in the world, our living art sculpture with fog is a series of therapeutic videos created for visual relaxation.

This process is a transient state of moss housed within our hand-crafted glass vessels, and we can only appreciate them by capturing them digitally.

Currently, they serve as exhibition materials in our gallery.

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