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What is TerraLiving?

Founded by a team of passionate scientists and designers with a love for nature, TerraLiving is a refreshing presence in the art market scene. With our highly customisable terrariums, rest assured that each living, breathing artwork is unique on its own. We believe that everyone deserves to have a little nature on their desks. We aim to bring nature to your desktop, one terrarium at a time.

Our designs span across ultra portable Mosser series all the way to highly sophisticated series of terrariums & ecosystems, such as the Wardian Pod.


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Located within a tranquil village in Melaka, Malaysia, "the Gallery" was built and materialized from the consolidation of our hope, dreams, ideas, and experience in TerraLiving. You can now visit it virtually, choose your side: Live Moss or ZERO Moss.


Our Moss

A Guide to Moss

& the DIY World

Have questions? Let TerraLiving introduces you to the world of moss.


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