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ZERO Moss by TerraLiving

Our ZERO Moss botanical collections are made up of 100% real moss & ZERO maintenance. They look fresh and lively for years but won't grow.

Virtually ZERO maintenance • Keep in-door with good air circulation • Avoid direct sunlight • No watering • Avoid extreme temperature

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What our fans say

Christian from California

This terrarium is stunning. Already got a bunch of people telling me how much they love it.

Florian (Engineer) from Germany

My Vertex has a high quality, is processed very detailed and is just beautiful. It creates a very satisfying atmosphere in the room.
"Terraliving" is an outstanding company in all aspects and should be supported even more by buying more of its products.

Alicia from Michigan

It's stunning! The whole thing was packed so well, obviously with care. Such a quality piece, and I'm so happy with it! Sellers were very communicative and good to work with.

Derrick from Malaysia

Friendly and very communicative seller. Their attention to detail is fantastic and it’s hard to describe the beauty of their work by words alone.

Khin Moet Moet from Myanmar

Bought this as a BD gift and we both are now obsessed with it. Despite how ethereal the vertex looks, the best experience about this purchase is the outstanding customer service. The seller tirelessly helped me, liaising with the courier, making sure the package arrived as early as I possibly can. We will definitely come back again for more purchases. Thank you so much to the seller, again for all the help and kind assistance.

Emil from Florida

Wonderful workmanship where the artist provides a natural microcosm offering a much needed distraction. A second order is pending. Great care taken in shipping/packaging. Best regards to the artist(s).

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