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Exploring the Multilayered Surface Finishing of Futuristic "Obsidian" Rocks

Take an up-close look at the surface finishing of the futuristic "Obsidian," achieved through multiple layers of paint with varying affinities. Each "Obsidian" rock is unique with its "fingerprints," reflecting light in its own way depending on the viewing angle.

Original design story:

In mineralogy, obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed as an extrusive igneous rock.

"The Obsidian" by TerraLiving is where Zen meets technology & minimalism, adopting the dark, mystic grey of the obsidian surface.

A classic Zen-inspired minimalist artwork, "the Obsidian" is an oasis of peace sculpted out of geometric rocks generated by computational design, carpeted by lush greens.

An artwork of contemplation, "the Obsidian" is intended to be meditative and functional in design.

Perfect for drawing out tensions and releasing anxiety, these intricately constructed sculptures offer depth with their three-dimensional appearance.

Incite your visual sense with its simple shapes of beauty; from the plain geometry sculptures to its flowing lines that flow like water around the space.

P.S. 100% written by human ✍️

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