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Revolutionizing Geometric Terrariums: TerraLiving's Seamless Hinge & Lead-Free Glass Designs

TerraLiving Seamless Hinge Geometric Terrarium

The Seamless Hinge Mechanism:

Our signature seamless hinge glass door mechanism is made possible with years of research and decades of experience from our senior designers who have worked in the ornamental glass industry.

Compared to conventional butterfly-style hinges, our innovative approach to hinge design is virtually free from holes or seams. Once properly closed, it provides smooth aesthetics to complement the entire geometrical glass structure. It is sure to wow new viewers when they are looking for the opening of the glass door.

Furthermore, it has tested up to 20,000 opening and closing cycles and has proven to last for years.

Safe and lead-free:

Conventional geometric terrariums typically utilize the Tiffany Method, wherein glass panels are connected through soldering – a process often involving using lead, a toxic element.

In contrast, our custom-designed geometrical glasses employ a state-of-the-art method to hold different glass panels via silicone-rubber composite materials. It is non-toxic and safe for our designers and collectors when displayed or interacted with.

At the same time, the use of non-metal connectors offers a softer, smoother texture that delivers an unparalleled tactile experience.

Most importantly, these cutting-edge materials are very durable and resist oxidation, in contrast with traditional terrariums, which can exhibit signs of oxidation, manifesting as patination or white deposits depending on the metals used in the soldering process.

Weight optimization:

Thanks to such an innovative method in producing our geometric terrariums, they are lighter and boast a sleek and tidy look.

The connective lines available in black and sometimes translucent white are significantly thinner than those seen in traditional soldered terrariums, offering another level of functional advantage.

These soft connective lines provide a cushioning effect for the glass panels, a feature that has been instrumental in the safe international shipping of thousands of our terrariums. Every detail is optimized to ensure that each piece arrives in perfect condition, reflecting the quality and care we are committed to delivering.

This is why each new design undergoes months of rigorous testing in the prototype stage before release.

Protection of delicate plants specimen:

The precise alignment of our individually-cut glass panels fit tightly together, leaving virtually no gaps, allowing both our preserved and live moss specimens to be very well-protected from external contaminants.

Depending on quality, traditional soldered terrariums are often plagued with significant gaps that allow foreign contaminants to affect the plant materials.

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