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About Geometric Tessellation, TerraLiving's Design Language

Geometric tessellation, the new generation design language used for the R variant of Vertex Family.

Tessellation refers to the process of dividing and rearranging elements to fit together like puzzle pieces. Applying this concept to art allows us to create a tessellated surface from polygonal shapes, then turn that into 3D-printable geometry.

Tessellations span various fields, from computer graphics to nature, such as hexagonal cells found in honeycombs and regular / irregular fractures found on rock surfaces.

Tessellations also serve as the foundations of many of our work, including segmented geometrical arrangements of glass vessels.

By applying a set of tessellation parameters into designing software, our designers can generate unique 3D printed structures that match the aesthetics of our work.

#terraliving #tessellation #vertex #modernart #minimalist

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