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AI Assisted TerraLiving in Creating This Bio-Sculpture

Concepts by human, impression art by AI, simulated by algorithm, computer modelling by human, 3D-printed by machine, post-processing by human.

Microcosm - Simulated Growth prototype quick print with bio-filaments.

Our designers use AI tools to create "The Microcosm" collection, inspired by the growth patterns of different organisms at the molecular level. Cutting-edge computational methods allow us to generate complex, life-like sculptures using algorithmic processes.

We aim to use this nature-inspired process to create structurally sound, visually attractive designs using 3D printing and advanced materials research.

Next, we're trying to study real-world moss growth on this prototype. The final result should inspire our future designs; this is how we wish to use the power of AI and the power of nature and billion of years of cellular evolution to create our work.

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