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CryoMoss Collection - Early Access Live Moss Terrarium Guide

This post serves as a quick guide and resource for those who have participated in the early access of of our first living art, CryoMoss Collection - The Memento Live Moss Terrarium Edition
Participants, we encourage you to share your observations with us at your convenience. We will continually update this blog with new observations and guides to enhance your experience.

1. Don't be alarmed when you find the moss 100% dry and lifeless upon arrival. This is intentional. We induce a dormant state in the moss to eradicate pests and potential biological contaminants, ensuring you receive a clean, pest-free product ready for revival.

2. We guarantee 100% revival of the moss if tended to within 7 days of arrival, as indicated by DHL's Express tracking status.

Simply fill the provided water bottle with filtered water to mix the necessary protective and revival nutrients ("Moss Potion" or MLEF - Moss Life Enhancing Formulation). Spray the dry moss thoroughly, approximately 30 times, to initiate revival.

Watch as the moss springs back to life! Feel free to apply additional sprays to any areas that appear drier. In case of overwatering, simply tilt the container gently to remove excess water.

3. Always keep the glass dome closed to retain moisture; this prevents the revived moss from drying out. Since CryoMoss breathes post-revival, you should notice a layer of condensation forming on the inner glass dome.

4. Should you notice some brown leaves, don't worry about it. Moss naturally exhibits a variety of shades, ranging from bright green to dark green, and even light brown. It remains healthy and viable for growth unless it turns dark brown to black.

5. While we ensure that CryoMoss revives upon arrival, its subsequent health and vitality rest in your hands. Like all living things, live moss can flourish beautifully or, regrettably, it can perish. Witnessing its growth can bring lots of joy. However, there may be moments of disappointment and sadness when, despite your best efforts, the moss does not thrive, and the reasons can often be unknown.

Tending to live moss is an art form in itself. With eight years of working closely with moss, we're continually learning about these intricate organisms. Our journey has been marked by both trials and errors, and each failure has been a stepping stone to today's successful cultivation and insights.

6. Below are some general care tips derived from our extensive research. While we strive for accuracy and effectiveness, individual results may vary, and we cannot guarantee a universal outcome.


• Avoid direct sunlight.

• Keep in-door with sufficient light, such as passive sunlight reflected from the wall or window. Optimal lighting if you can put it under a dedicated table lamp or TerraLight 2.- (~20 - 30 cm away) with cool-white lighting (6500K)

Temperature guide:

• Air-conditioned from 9am to 5pm everyday if possible. If there's no air-cond in the weekend, unexpected heat may affect its total lifespan.

Based on our observation,

• 25℃ (77℉) or below: Lasts for ~ 3 months - 6 months

• 26℃ - 28℃ (78.8℉ - 82.4℉ ) : Lasts for ~ 3 months

• 29℃ - 30℃ (84.2℉ - 86℉ ): Lasts for ~ 1 month

• 30℃ (86℉ ) or above: Lasts for LESS than 1 month


• Keep moist with filtered water after you finished the "Moss Potion" (we water about once a week). Never overwater by consistently flooding them.

Thank you for reading. More insights are on the way - stay tuned!
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