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Art of TerraLiving Inspired by Biomorphism

The Art of TerraLiving — Artists' impression for our first 3D-printed prototype of the "Microcosm" series, coded as "Fruiting Body - ⍺".

"Fruiting Body - ⍺" will officially be released as a palm-sized sculpture, driven by biomimetic and biomorphism — where we looked into naturally occurring phenomena from the molecular level, such as protein folding patterns and the formation of cellular structures.

It was made possible through the "Simulated Growth" concept based on our existing parameters, such as "The Eden", aided by algorithmic computation and AI.

With this project, we are reimagining how the technology will shape the future of synthetic lifeform. We wanted to make a sculpture that felt like it was thriving and living in a closed glass — just like how we felt when working with tissue cultures, microbes, or mosses in the lab.

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