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Beautiful Parametric Living Art Sculpture by TerraLiving, The Oracle 2.0

Six-weeks observation for the Living Art Variant of Oracle 2.0 Parametric Sculpture.

i. There was no watering, and its glass door was kept tightly shut till today.

ii. It was displayed in our office under the TerraLight 2.0 with ambient temperature fluctuating from 24°C to 32°C .

iii. Condensation and water droplets on the inner glass door's surface is a common phenomenon and is present pretty much all the time.

iv. As this "Oracle 2.0" is made up of live moss, it is also expected that some of them don't colonize well and turn brown.

v. They age well, forming a surreal view up-close with random shades of greenish and brownish patches. This is a form of beautiful living sculpture for those who accept that life is an ongoing process and appreciate it.

**Important Disclaimer: This is a series of photos for our live moss experiment. It is NOT applicable for any of our official ZERO Series releases. It would be best not to water any of your ZERO Moss collection or risk damaging all the preservatives and deteriorating moss's longevity.

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