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Biomorphic Terrarium Research & Development by TerraLiving

First prototype of The Polyp - Growth, featuring an oversized head, almost as if it is trying to escape from the glass dome encasing it.

Concept behind The Polyp design:

A bio-sculpture that re-imagines the possibility of synthetic life forms; through "Microcosm - The Polyp", we wish to express our thoughts and impressions towards the never-ending and constantly evolving life of organic beings.

As part of the "Microcosm" series, "The Polyp" is also inspired by the growth patterns of different organisms up to the molecular level through our "Simulated Growth" design language.

Such design language intends to capture the simple yet beautiful essence and beauty of organic growth.

"The Polyp" also challenges us to push the boundaries of traditional art creation methods through in-depth understanding and application of 3D printing technology and other advanced material research.

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