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DHL Express Malaysia X TERRALIVING

DHL X TERRALIVING — Currently exhibiting in DHL Express Service Point (Bangsar, Malaysia), not for sale.

In this collaboration, we wish to represent the idea of the DHL Express signature yellow aircraft that connects us to the world, delivering dreams and hopes.

Our goal is to capture the whole DHL flight impression, not just in a photo but as if we had captured and frozen a slice of reality to be displayed eternally.

We express this concept by using ZERO moss and ferns with distinctive shapes and fluffy structures to create an illusion of lush islands — signifying how much these planes fly over great continents daily.

Finally, the entire botanical art sits inside a glass dome — suggesting security and protection - implying that DHL will do its best to deliver people's packages worldwide.

Concept description:

The miniaturized moss island is crafted with one side taller than the other while tapering down gradually. Adorned with small stones and cork structures to represent rocks, it provides an impression of how the aircraft might ascend over the landscape at a distance in flight.

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