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DHL X TerraLiving, Concept & Exhibition

In this cross-over project, we wish to convey the impression that DHL Express is always looking for ways to reduce its environmental impact and carbon footprint.

We accentuate the scenery through the use of ZERO Moss specimens' distinct structural characteristics, such as varying heights when observed up close, to create an illusion of forests and greeneries while still being able to see the truck miniature.

Moss is often sensitive to environmental pollution, so its presence conveys an air of cleanliness - one that only a natural setting can offer.

The entire design sits atop a glass petri dish, signifying TerraLiving's expertise in both science and art - as if growing every scene out of pure imagination decorated with high quality moss species for export and biosecurity hygiene certification purposes.

The attention-to-detail of moss species arrangements matches the detail of the mini truck itself.

Finally, the entire diorama rests inside a glass dome. This concept delivers a sense of protection, implying a symbol of a green aura encapsulating everything it encompasses, much like one would see if they were looking at something active inside of a greenhouse, protecting it from external harm.

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