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Discover the beauty of preserved moss terrarium with The Monocle, a botanical art by TerraLiving

"The Monocle ZERO - Heart of Forest", a preserved moss botanical collection in geometrical glass sculpture designed by TerraLiving.

Some moss species, such as Tree Moss (Climacium sp.) don't usually thrive in their best shape after leaving a controlled lab environment. Like all living things, some mosses grow to specific peak health & structure before entering the next irreversible phase of life, namely senescence, death & cells degradation.

While working on our creations, there are styling and arrangements that require a range of desirable growth stages of moss. In the early days of TerraLiving, we wished for them to stay permanent and unchanged to deliver their beauty as intended by our designers.

Today, this is where ZERO Moss plays a significant role in allowing us to explore the world of botanical art and the endless ways mosses can take form within a well-designed glass structure.

While ZERO Moss is no longer alive, it is soft to the touch, looks lively, requires no maintenance, is clean and pest-free.

With thousands of collectors worldwide, our creations with ZERO Moss create a means for those who appreciate and wish to support our cause without the stress of maintaining live plants.

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