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Experience the Timeless Beauty of Fernarium made with Preserved Ferns by TerraLiving

Traditionally, a fernarium is designed for ferns to trap high humidity to sustain their growth.

In contrast, preserved ferns terrarium or preserved fernarium typically refers to an enclosure that houses preserved or dried ferns rather than live ones. Preserved ferns are ferns that have been treated to retain their shape and color, usually through chemical preservation or drying.

Here at TerraLiving, our preserved ferns (ZERO Ferns) went through a preservation process in our lab developed over five years, complementing our ZERO Moss. Our preservation method protects the structure of thin, miniature, and delicate ferns specimen.

Preserved ferns can be used to express botanical aesthetics by our designers in terrariums or fernariums.

One advantage of using preserved ferns is that they require no maintenance, making them an ideal option for those who want to enjoy the beauty of ferns without watering, fertilizing, or other care. It is also pest-free.

However, it is essential to note that preserved ferns do not have the same characteristics as live plants; most notably, they stay the same and won't grow further.

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