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Exploded view render for TerraLight 2.0, a display lamp for preserved moss terrarium by TerraLiving

Exploded view still-image renders featuring the TerraLight 2.0 that powers up the true beauty of our moss and its terrarium.

Every component is meticulously customized, curated, adjusted, and assembled to provide the best viewing experience for our work of art.

The TerraLight 2.0 has 16 USB-powered LEDs housed in a unibody lamp-shade with a built-in heatsink for excellent heat dissipation. A diffuser further shields the emitted light for soft and even light distribution for significant glare reduction.

TerraLight 2.0 comes with four brightness settings and a count-down timer to help you better enjoy our work while it blends in seamlessly to your surrounding ambiance.

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