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Exploring Love's Timeless Beauty: Bone-Heart II (2023) Desktop-Sized Sculpture by TerraLiving

The Bone-Heart II (2023) is a beautiful representation of love's eternal bond.

This sculpture is a reminder of the strength of love and a tribute to its timeless beauty. With each curve and angle carefully designed, the "Bone-Heart II" invites viewers to reflect on their own love experiences and cherish the emotions it brings.

From our biomorphic design perspective, Bone-Heart II took inspiration from bone lattice structure and tissue formation patterns at a microscopic level.

The sculpture reveals the hidden complexity and beauty of the natural world and is made possible through computer-aided design, AI-assisted design, and 3D printing.

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How Can I make it??


Theo Hernandez
Theo Hernandez
01 de jun. de 2023

It's just amazing, it's so beautiful, I've never seen anything like it in my life, it's just a work of art. The heart is the main engine of our body, and I remember I had to write a dissertation about it, and it was good that my good friends who specialise in medicine and its varieties helped me with it, so I could be sure of the quality of the work. And your work deserves a round of applause, I think you deserve to be recognised on a par with the world's masters.

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