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First Vertex ZERO Terrarium with NFT by TerraLiving

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

NFT Link :

This NFT comes with an actual, physical terrarium readily planted with ZERO Moss (preserved moss) that requires no maintenance and lasts for many years as unlockable content.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For this first launch, we can only ship to the United States and the United Kingdom.

Our best-selling terrarium & botanical art, and now, the first of its kind, this Vertex ZERO - Moss Wall (VM - NFT - 0001) comes with NFT as a part of our effort to use blockchain for its original authentication.

📦 🛫 After purchasing the NFT via its listing on opensea, we will ship out the exact physical piece of (VM - NFT - 0001) to you in 1 - 3 working days.

We fully cover shipping fees and import duty for the unlockable content.

You will receive unlockable contents containing our e-mail address to send your shipping details to us for shipping arrangements.

🚚 About 3 - 5 working days to arrive at your doorstep via DHL Express unless there are unexpected events or delays not within our control.

🎁 We have invested in new packaging architecture for a safe arrival guarantee & peace of mind.

🔍 What you see in the photos is what you get.

📦 What's in the NFT unlockable concent:

i) The Vertex ZERO - Moss Wall (VM - NFT - 0001), NFT exclusive release, readily planted with ZERO Moss.

ii) Suction opener for its seamless glass door.

iii) Collector's authenticity card, signed and coded by TerraLiving's co-founder & Lead Designer, Raymond.

iv) TerraLight 2.0

v) Links containing high resolution PNG photos of the terrarium & original 4k video.

*Gently remove the packaging to prevent moss from dislocating.

🍀 • • • About ZERO Preserved Moss • • •

🌳 Our ZERO Mosses (100% real moss) were cultivated in the greenhouse till their peak health, then sent into our lab for freeze-drying and preservation.

🌱 They look fresh, soft to touch, and lively for MANY YEARS but biologically inactive. Technically, they are NON-LIVING and WON’T PRODUCE FOG.

🔬 This is how scientist store plants in herbarium or “plant museums” for decade. We modified the method with our proprietary technology so that the moss look refreshing for our art pieces, the moment where science meets art =)

🚱 ZERO Moss in our official work you see is designed for sculptural and display grade. NO MAINTENANCE is needed except for general wiping for a better view.


ZERO Moss colour is the reflection of its original form.

NEVER expose ZERO Moss to direct sunlight and NEVER spray water. Keep them in cool & dry place.

Keep indoor closed at all times, unless you're opening it for viewing.

📏 Specifications:

Size (Glass Vessel): 

Approx. ~ Maximum at 110mm x 110mm x 235mm

⚗️ Glass thickness: 3mm

🌱 Glass door: Yes, state-of-the-art seamless hinge mechanism glass door (refer to video / photo attached)

*From glass to moss, everything was fully hand-crafted by TerraLiving Gallery, Melaka, Malaysia.

💡 NEW TerraLight 2.0:

2nd Generation minimalist TerraLight (5W) that allows up to 80% more reflection-free viewing angles & more immersive viewing experience. Swivel head-lamp at optimum height for shadow overcast fine-tuning.

*Requires 1-step assembly.

i) Cool white, bright LED ambiance.

ii) Custom designed 5W, 16 mini LED light bulbs with diffuser cover for glare reduction (Maximum Height = ~350mm)

iii) USB Powered (USB adapter plug NOT included), 4 brightness adjustment (25%, 50%, 70% & 100%), 3 count-down timer modes (2hrs, 4hrs, 8hrs) or permanently on.

iv) Custom hand-made rubber wood base (Size = 180mm x 180mm)

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Terms and conditions:

💳 Strictly no refund & cancellation after purchasing the NFT.


📦 We ship our terrariums every day, and we pack the glassware professionally and securely with thick, custom-fitted carton boxes. (Almost 5,000 orders shipped internationally)

✈️ We ship as fast as we can. However, extremely rare shipping delays due to unexpected events such as customs hold-up, or force majeure (natural disasters) are not within our field of control.

🛬 100% safe arrival guarantee. In the event that they arrive cracked / broken / with defect, please INFORM US WITHIN 48 HOURS based on the delivered time stated in the tracking status.

We will assess the matter swiftly and consider the next, best course of action.

🎨 Kindly take note that this is 100% handmade glass work & moss in TerraLiving.

👁Minor, non-life-threatening scratches or accidental fingerprints on the glass may exist.

Inconsistencies not visible from a viewing distance of 30cm or about 1 ft are not considered defects.

Because we made everything with our own HANDS, NOT MACHINE.

🪵 Left over moss fragments, leaves, other preserved natural organic matters may be randomly distributed because these are all 100% real NATURAL MATERIALS.

🖌 We use moss adhesive to hold them in position. There may be remnants of them around the moss / glass but these are not considered defects.

🔎 If you are a perfectionist who expects 100% perfect design, sorry, but it does not exist in our artwork. Feel free to ask us to cancel and refund your order.

📸 Photos taken under yellow display light / natural light (background) & TerraLight, white display light (on moss) with Mirrorless Camera. Expect some colour differences from what you see on screen and the real thing.

P.S. Seriously, we put all our efforts and time into making these, and to date, we received hundreds of customers feedback and positive reviews. Hopefully you can give us a chance to serve you with our art =)

The Vertex ZERO - Moss Wall design concept & philosophy

Flanked by steep humongous vertical limestone walls covered by a variety of ferns and mosses, the entrance to Deer Cave in Gunung Mulu National Park in Sarawak, Malaysia, could easily be mistaken be home to giants and dragons.

Some mosses like those growing on cave walls favour vertical surfaces because the temperature difference between the ground and the air in the morning causes condensation. Still, excess moisture runs off into the streams below.

This way, the moss receives the optimal amount of moisture it needs and can dry out & receive nourishing sunlight each morning. This is why mosses particularly love cave entrances, but you will hardly find any further in where the sun doesn’t shine.

Just as it took millions of years for underground streams and rivers to naturally carve out the large system of caves mentioned, it took the team behind TerraLiving years of cultivation, experimentation, and grooming the humble moss to be able to display it elegantly whilst bringing a touch of age and character to our art form.

The current Vertex design showcases a lush carpet of ZERO Moss at the base flanked by two steep vertical walls of moss to give a miniaturized abstract cross-sectional slice of a mossy cavern.

So, as you stare into The Vertex and wonder about its hidden secrets, let your imagination run free.

Try projecting yourself standing within the hollow chambers of Deer Cave, looking at the lush mossy carpets adorning its walls while listening to the tranquil sounds of trickling stream water and chirping crickets, far removed from the cares of everyday life.

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